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Parenting Talk:Learning-oriented vs Performance-oriented Parenting

Dear Parents, 

We are pleased to inform you that the next parenting talk will be held on 3 March.  Please read the attached letter for more details and use the following link provided to register: https://goo.gl/forms/COf3HbbpFUKLOPQl2

The importance of school-home partnership and how parents can connect with the school and MOE

As a parent, you are the key navigator of your child’s growth. Your child will benefit the most when we put your child at the heart of what we do, and when we understand our shared responsibilities for your child and work together to bring out the best in your child. Having a close partnership with us will help you to better
understand your child’s learning experience in school, so that you could provide him or her the necessary family care, support and reinforcement at home.
You can support your child in various ways. We encourage you to join the school’s Parent Support Group so that you can get involved with the school’s activities and get to know other parents and your child’s friends in school. You can sign up for activities that suit your schedule and you do not necessarily have to devote long hours in the school’s Parent Support Group to be fully engaged in your child’s education. Effective parenting cannot occur in isolation from the school, and we would like to partner you to develop your child to be the best that he or she can be.
More information on how you can be involved in your child’s education can be found
How can parents be involved

Here are some tips that you could consider to support your child’s learning:
 Praise your child’s good efforts, and not only his/her successes.
 Don’t dwell on mistakes and academic marks. Rather, always encourage your
child to strive for improvement.
 Give your child the confidence to seek help from his/her teacher.