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Cyberwellness @ ESSS

What is Cyber Wellness?

Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace. The focus of CW is about helping students to become responsible digital learners. When navigating cyberspace, students should demonstrate respect for self and others and practise safe and responsible use. Students should also be a positive peer influence by harnessing technology for collaboration, learning and productivity, as well as advocating positive use of technology for the good of the community.

MOE's Cyber Wellness Framework

CW Framework 2016 (FINAL).PNG

MOE's Cyber Wellness Curriculum

Schools are required to carry out CW lessons in the FTGP and CCE curriculum which seeks to equip students with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible user of Information Communications Technology (ICT) (shown below).

3 Principles

3 Big Ideas

4 Themes

8 Topics

Protected Curriculum Time

1) Respect for Self & others

2) Safe & Responsible Use

3) Positive Peer Influence


Cyber Identity

Healthy self-identity

Cyber Use

Balanced life and balanced use

Online identity and expression

Balanced use of ICT


18 lessons in the CCE CW Guidance Module since 2014

4 hours for Sec 1 to 4, and

2 hours for Sec 5


Cyber Relationships

Safe and meaningful


Cyber bullying

Online relationships


Cyber Citizenship

Positive presence

About the cyber world

Handling online content and behaviour

Cyber Contacts


Cyber Wellness @ ESSS

Cyber Wellness @ ESSS aims to look at the positive well being and developing a healthy cyber culture amongst our students, aligned to MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework.

This involves having a cyber wellness programme that develop an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviour, an awareness of how to protect oneself and other internet users from such behaviour, and how to use the internet to benefit oneself and the community at large.

Vision To develop the child’s instinct to protect himself and empower him to take responsibility for his own well-being in cyberspace
Principles 1. Respect for Self and Others 2. Safe and Responsible Use
C2015 Student Outcomes Self-directed learner
Active Contributor

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Our programme covers areas such as




Students also play an important role in the sharing of cyber wellness with their peers through assembly programme and as Cyber Wellness Ambassadors.