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Power of Positive Energy (PPE)

The objectives of Power of Positive Energy (PPE) are for school leadership, teachers and students to promote a culture of:

  1. A positive learning environment for students.
  2. Staff and students understanding the importance of the 5 student goals/outcomes to achieve Excellence and Success.

2014 PPE Schedule

Domain of student goals/outcomes


Key areas

(related to school and department initiatives & programmes)

Duration for PPE sharing

1. Academic Excellence

Good academic results;

Possesses 21st century competencies and attitudes

Talent Management, Enhanced Curriculum Time (e.g. ASP, iASP, REAP, RSL), Academic Goal Setting and Subject Target Setting

January & February

2. Developed as all-round individuals

Appreciation of the aesthetics;

Actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle

CCA, Sports Education, Lunch Time Recitals, East Spring Got Talent, Environment Education

March, April, May

3. An upright citizen of good character

Values In Action;

National Education;


Character and Citizenship Education

Class and CCA Values In Action (VIA) projects,  Values education through R3ISE lessons, Discipline & Counselling programmes

May, July, August

4. Acquired knowledge, skills and  attitudes for globalized world

Learner Traits;

Global Thinker Curriculum;

Student Leadership Programmes

PLT, Overseas learning trips and learning journeys, Global Thinker Curriculum, School Innovation Projects

September & October