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SFL Platform

The SFL is a platform for Character Development programmes and are student centred. In order to meet the needs of the students, careful planning is carried out by the CCE committee to coordinate the SFL schedule. The rationale of SFL is:

  • To provide a ‘hands- on’, holistic and experiential approach to complement the theoretical R3ISE lessons.
  • To provide a platform to cater to the diverse needs and expectations of different segments of the student population, with inputs from the various departments.

The SFL is also used to carry out the Guidance Modules such as Sexuality Education, Education & Career Guidance and Cyber Wellness.


R3ISE Lesson

The R3ISE lesson, which is named after the school core values, is targeted to teach all East Springians sound values.  The R3ISE lessons are aligned to our school values, R3= Responsibility, Respect and Resilience, I= Integrity, S= Synergy and E= Empathy. The R3ISE lessons provide the platform for the school to carry out the Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons implemented by Character & Citizenship Education Branch (CCEB) in 2014.  




  SFL Schedule_2014_21 Apr 2014.pdf  R3ISE Schedule_2014_110414.pdf