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Student Leadership

About Student Leadership

East Spring Secondary School believes that personal leadership coupled with visionary leadership is required to guide oneself and others to navigate through unchartered waters in the 21st century. The Student Leadership Programme is designed to develop leadership skills of all East Springians so that they can be future-ready.

Building confidence has been the cornerstone of the school’s holistic development and character and citizenship education framework. Student Leadership @ ESSS has been instrumental in developing East Springians into confident citizens who contribute actively to the community.

Alongside with the emphasis for a Student-Centric, Values-Driven education, our student leadership programme offers students more opportunities to pursue leadership development. The programme also helps our students to deepen their 21st century competencies through a combination of learning experiences and real life-skill experiences.


Our Philosophy
In East Spring Secondary School, we believe that every student has the potential to be developed into a leader.


Our Vision
To develop East Springians to become confident persons who actively contribute to others and the community.Diagram 1.jpg

Our Mission
Empowering every East Springians to become Leaders of Tomorrow, with a heart for
others, through experiential learning and Service.

Our Pedagogical Approach
Our Student Leadership programme engages learners through formal training and
provides real-world experiential learning to inculcate values and acquire life skills.
Students are active practitioners of leadership. The programme also leverages on
service to the community to create effective and meaningful learning experiences for
all students. With the knowledge, skills and values acquired through the
developmental leadership opportunities, every East Springian will be empowered to
be a confident person, active contributor ready to lead others and serve the
community with a heart.

The school adopts a segmented approach towards student leadership. A three-tiered
leadership development approach is put in place to cater to the developmental needs
of different groups of students with differing abilities and potential.

 Diagram 2.jpg

Photos of our vibrant student leadership programmes 2014



2014 Total Defence School Records Challenge (TDSRC) TDSRC is the key platform for leadership development, where all students practise and demonstrate their leadership skills.



Power of Positive Energy (PPE) PPE gives students the opportunities to build confidence by speaking their thoughts to encourage others positively during morning assembly.

 Adventure camps.jpg

Developing leadership through outdoor adventure Student leaders are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills through outdoor adventure. In 2013, student leaders participated in the Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) programme and an overseas leadership camp to Pahang, Malaysia.


School Innovation Project.jpg

School Innovation Project The core leadership group is involved in the School Innovation Project where they initiate projects which contribute to school improvement. They underwent training on the ‘Design Thinking Process’ to equip them with the knowledge, skills and strategies to innovate. This innovation project served to augment the sense of ownership, responsibility and pride of student leaders. Most importantly, it develops in them a sense of initiative which is the hallmark of an active contributor.


Student Leaders Conference.jpg

Student Leaders Conference The conference aimed to empower student leaders to become effective leaders who can effect positive changes in school and society. The conference focused on practices of exemplary leadership from ‘The Leadership Challenge’ by Kouzes & Posner.