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School Financial Assistance Scheme

 MOE FAS Application Form - Year 2013.doc 



To: All applicants

1 Please ensure you have the following attachment before submitting your application form to the General Office.

2 Please enclose the following photocopied documents:
a) Parents’ / Guardians’ NRIC (both sides)
b) Latest pay-slips or CPF statements (last 6 months of CPF contribution statement) or income tax returns or letter from employers for all working family members.
c) Declaration letter for parent/s who is not working. For father who is not working please provide last 6 months of CPF contribution statement.

3 Application will not be processed if the required supporting documents are not enclosed.


Income Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

Income Limit

Gross Household Income (GHI) 

$1,500 or below for families with 1 or 2 children
$1,800 or below for families with 3 or more children



Waiver of school fee
Free textbooks for primary level and secondary levels, and bursary of $500 for JC/CI level
Full waiver of standard miscellaneous fee
75% waiver of PSLE, “N”, “O” and “A” level examination fees for non-PAS cases.
Waiver of exam fees only for students under MCYS-Public Assistance Scheme (PAS)