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CCA Name: Floorball Girls 

 Teachers-in-charge: Miss Nurul Ashiqin Saneb (Overall-in-charge), Miss Nadhirah Abdul Rahman, Ms Lu Suxin           

 Students-in-charge: Nur Insyirah Azmi (School Captain), Lek Yan Qing (Vice-captain), Nur Syahirah Ismail (Vice-captain), Nur Shahidah Ahmad Shahrum (Administrative Manager), Richelle Sim (Logistics Manager), Siti Nur Asyurah Mohd Sari (Publicity/Welfare Manager) 

 Our CCA Schedule: 

Every Mondays (3-6pm), Wednesdays (3-6pm) and Fridays (2.30-5.30pm) 

 Our CCA (write-up): 

‘Where Passion meets Excellence’. Floorball Girls aim to build a culture of excellence in our endeavour to better ourselves collectively as a CCA and as individuals. Although Floorball is our first and foremost passion, that is not our only identity. We belong to a larger family in East Spring where we strive to serve the school selflessly and uphold the school values of R3I2SE. 

Our Achievements: 

 7th Floorball National Championships 2013 

C Division Girls – 4th Place 

 8th Floorball National Championships 2014 

C Division Girls – 3rd Place 

 9th Floorball National Championships 2015 

B Division Girls – Champions 

 11th Floorball National Championships 2017 

B Division Girls – 3rd Place 


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 CCA Name: Floorball (Boys) 

Teachers-in-charge: Mr. Derek Tung (OIC), Mr. Shaun Koh, Mr. Lukman Abdul Rahim 

Students-in-charge: Benny (‘C’ Div Captain), Iyad & Hezri (‘C’ Div Vice-Captains), Faiz (‘B’ Div Captain) Fatris & Afnan (‘B’ Div Vice-Captain) 

Our CCA Schdule: 

Every Tuesday & Friday (2.30pm – 5.30pm), Thursday (3pm-6pm) 

Our CCA (write-up): 

Anchoring our believes in hard work, perseverance and determination, the Floorball Boys know that they can achieve anything if they put their hearts and minds into it. A true reflection of this happened in when we a clinched 4th place against all odds in the 2015 National Floorball Championships. Frequent emphasis on values like Resilience and Responsibility not only ensures success both on and off the court but also aids in the holistic development of individuals and equipping them with the necessary competencies for the 21st century. 

Our Achievements: 

2015 National Floorball Championships 4th


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