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Department Staff

Music Teachers & Art Teachers
Ms Sng Sok Hean Clara 
Mr Mazli Said
Ms Chen Huimin Jillian 
Mdm Puah Yun Wen Shirley

The Aesthetics (Art and Music) department in East Spring Secondary aims to develop confident 

individuals who appreciate the Arts and respect diverse cultures. This is done through the Art and 

Music curriculum where students develop the relevant skills and the 21st century competencies. 

Aims and Objectives – Art

- To develop sensory perception and imagination

- To create innovative artwork through creative and critical thinking skills

- To nurture and appreciation and understand of images of objects from a variety of culture 

and context

Aims and Objectives – Music

- To develop an awareness for music of various cultures

- To develop creative expression through music making

- To develop music appreciation through direct experiences in listening, arranging, creating 

and performing music