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Concert Band


About the CCA 

CCA Name:

Concert Band


Ms Atiqah
Mr Russell Chiam
Ms Jean Cai
Ms Oh Siew Gein

Our CCA Schedule: 

Wednesday 3.45pm - 5.45pm  Music Room
Friday 2.45pm - 5.45pm  Music Room

Our CCA: 

The East Spring Symphonic Band has an enrolment of about 60 members. The band comprises of three sections – the Woodwind Section, Brass Section and the Percussion Section. Under the guidance of our current Band Director, Mr Song Jiada Gabriel, and Junior Section Band Conductor, Mr Pan Ziwen, the band continues to strive towards excellence in their performances. 

Through the rigorous trainings and consistent exposure to performances, our ESSB members are developed into confident performers who understand the value of teamwork. Importantly, it inculcates the value of resilience and the spirit of striving for excellence. The CCA further aims to provide a platform for students who have the passion for music to perform with confidence and to develop their leadership potential. Students will be given the opportunity to grow as leaders as they are invited to provide input into how to improve CCA sessions and are also guided to plan, execute and review activities like bonding sessions, VIA projects and the like.

Our Achievements : 

2016 National Band Competition Bronze
2017 Singapore Youth Festival Certificate of Accomplishment
2019 Singapore Youth Festival Certificate of Accomplishment