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Malay Dance

About the CCA 

CCA Name: Malay Dance

Teachers-in-charge: Mdm Sabariah (Overall-in-charge), Mdm Nur Zawani 

Students-in-charge: Nayli Batrisyia (President), Munirah (Vice-President)                                                      Eizza Hashiela (Vice-President) 

Our CCA Schedule: Every Wednesday (3-5.30pm) & Friday (1.30-4.30pm)

Our CCA (write-up): 

Malay Dance in ESSS (Purbanira Seni) believes that every student has potential and thus aims to develop talent and build self-confidence in our students.  We believe in nurturing every student and provide opportunities for students to showcase their talent.  Our students also learnt the importance of teamwork, resilience and commitment as well as always giving their best.  We go by the motto ‘With Confidence, We Can Achieve’!Apart from the usual school performances, the Malay Dance was also involved in public performances such as Muara Festival at Esplanade, Konsert Gemilang and International Friendship Day at Pasir Ris East CC.  

As part of our continuous effort to introduce the Malay traditional dance to the masses and allow them to understand and appreciate Malay traditional dance, our Sec 3 embarked on a student-initiated VIA this year by planning and performing for the Malay Traditional Arts Festival organised by People’s Association at Our Tampines Hub.ESSS Malay Dance also attained CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION for the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF) 2017.  The Malay Dance had started preparations for the SYF Arts Presentation since end of 2016 and the dancers worked very hard and they were very committed in achieving their goal.  ESSS Malay Dance put up an Inang (traditional) dance entitled 'Inang Gemilang'.  Under the close guidance of our training instructor, Madam Hartini, we managed to work together as a team to ensure that there was synergy in our choreography.  Due to the resilience and synergy put up by the girls, we are indeed proud of our achievement as we have achieved our 8th Gold/Certificate of Distinction Award since we first took part in the SYF Competition in 2001.  This is the highest accolade given to schools who have excelled in their field. 

Our Achievements: 

2017 – Certificate of Distinction2015 – Certificate of Distinction

2013 – Certificate of Distinction

2011 – Gold 2009 – Gold 2007 – Silver 2005 – Gold 2003 – Gold 2001 – Gold 

Performances/Activities (2016 & 2017)·       

Secondary One CCA Open House/School Open House·       Chinese New Year/Hari Raya Concert performance·       Teacher’s Day Concert·       National Day Concert·       Mother Tongue Fortnight performance·       17th & 18th  Anniversary Prize Giving Ceremony ·       Public performance for International Friendship Day @ Pasir Ris East CC·       Public Performance for Konsert Gemilang @ IMM·       Public Performance for Malay Traditional Arts Festival @ Our Tampines Hub Public Performance for Muara Festival @ Esplanade  



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