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CCA Name: National Cadet Corps
Mr Eric Koh (Teacher OIC)
Mr Mazli Said (Junior Cadets)
Mr Alvin Chua (Senior Cadets)
Mr Kenny Wong (Cadet Leaders)
Mr Edwin Li (Cadet Leaders)
Our CCA Schedule:
Every Wednesday 1445 hrs to 1745 hrs

 Our CCA (write-up):
The East Spring NCC Land unit aims to develop resourceful, responsible, resilient, loyal leaders and team players through fun and challenging military related activities. Since the unit was first established in 2003, it has performed well consistently and has achieved 11 Gold awards in the NCC Best Unit Competition throughout the years. There are various activities and events lined up to cater to the holistic development of every cadet. They include Annual School Camp in March, Orienteering training, IMT shooting training, Individual Field Craft training, Kayaking and Values-In-Action activities. Our cadets did exceptionally well in orienteering in 2017, where they emerged as champion in one of the routes during the National Orienteering Competition organised by HQ NCC.  This year (2017), our cadets are also exposed to a wide variety of water borne activities. All our cadets participated in Dragon Boating and Kayaking activities. The more passionate cadets went on to obtain their 1 star and 2 star kayaking certifications. Our cadets have also participated actively in NCC HQ activities including Mount Ophir Expedition in Malaysia. All cadets are given every opportunity to assume leadership positions and they are rewarded through promotions and proficiency badges.  

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