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About the CCA 

CCA Name: 

National Cadet Corps (NCC)


Mr Edwin Li (Commanding Officer, CO Unit)
Mr Eric Koh (Sec 3 Teacher In-charge)
Mr Alvin Chua (Sec 2 Teacher In-charge)
Mdm Fadilah Wahab (Sec 1 Teacher In-charge)

Our CCA Schedule: 

Every Wednesday (3.45pm to 6.15pm) 

Our CCA: 

A National Uniformed Group, the NCC Land unit has been a pillar of strength and the epitome of discipline for the Uniformed Groups in East Spring Secondary School. The passion of the cadets and the dedication of the officers contributed to the excellent performance of the Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). The syllabus that the cadets go through includes Foot drills, Individual Fieldcraft, Orienteering, SAR21 Rifle marksmanship programme. Cadets also attended annual camps in school as well as adventure camps conducted by HQ NCC. In addition, our cadets are trained in Precision Drill Squad (PDS) and performed at various events such as the school’s Open House and National Day Celebrations. With many opportunities provided to the students for leadership training and character development, the cadets are groomed to be strong leaders with resilience, enabling them to also be ready for their National Service.

Our Achievements: 

Certificate of Distinction (Unit Recognition Award) 2019
Certificate of Distinction (Unit Recognition Award) 2018