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Integration Programme

Being a new initiative in East Spring Secondary School, the Integration Programme is specifically targeted at lower secondary international students as well as students who are permanent residents.

The objectives of the Integrations Programme are as follows:

1.       Increase awareness of the importance of integration for our continued success as a society and nation;

2.       Help newcomers adapt to the Singaporean way of life, including helping them better understand local cultures and social norms;

3.       Facilitate the formation of friendships and shared experiences among local and international students;

4.       Foster and deepen emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to Singapore.

Some of these objectives are achieved through learning journeys to culturally rich places such as museums, visits to local attractions and through a buddy system with peer support student leaders in school. Through these efforts, we hope to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for these students so that joyful and meaningful learning take place. All this with the aim of maximizing their potential and for them to become successful individuals.