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To Inspire, To Teach, to Learn


To provide quality Physical Education (PE) that equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to pursue and enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum

The aim of the physical education programme in East Spring Secondary is to develop the physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills of the students through the medium of physical activities such as various sports modules, physical health and fitness lessons and also outdoor education. These skills will nurture a student so that he/she will be able to cope with the rigours and pressures of schooling, and subsequently thrive in the areas of work, national service and recreation.

 All our passionate and vibrant PE teachers are responsible for:

1.    Imparting knowledge and skills to bring about physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of our students;
2.    Inculcating good moral and social values and behaviour through role modelling and purposeful teaching;
3.    Helping in the physical development of students in order to facilitate healthy living and thereby improving the quality of life of our students.

Key Events / Activities

Level Wide Programmes
Semester 1:
1. Secondary 1 Orientation Camp
2. Secondary 1 Swim Safer Programme
3. Secondary 2 & 4/5 NAPFA Test
4. Sports Leaders’ Camp
Semester 2:
5. Secondary 2 Adventure Camp
6. Secondary 1 & 3 NAPFA Test

School Wide Events
Semester 1:
1. Annual Cross Country
2. Annual Track & Field Meet
3. Post Examination Programme (SEP Programmes - e.g. Cricket, Tchoukball, etc. and Inter-Class Games)
Semester 2:
4. National Day Traditional Games
5. ACES Day Celebrations
6. Post Examination Programme (SEP Programmes e.g. Archery Tag, Kinball, etc. and Inter-Class Games)

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