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The Craft Technology Department is responsible for 2 different subject areas: Design Technology and Home Economics. 

Aims and Objectives

  • To equip students with knowledge and skills in Design Technology and Home Economics in order to prepare them for the industry as well as for life.
  • To develop in our students the ability to handle project based research, to connect and synthesis data collected, to think laterally and to create effective feasible solutions to authentic problem situations.
  • To nurture creative thinking by developing curiosity, flexibility, resourcefulness, risk taking, innovation, and problem solving learner traits in our students.
  • To adopt pedagogies such as design thinking, cooperative learning, problem based learning, self-directed learning, Socratic questioning and discovery learning in varying degrees when approaching different components of the curriculum
  • To leverage on the use of ICT when carrying out teaching and learning in the different domains.

D&T Enrichment Programme

The department has a range of activities for the students across the levels.

  • Enhancing Creative Thinking

 This year for teaching and learning, the emphasis is to develop Creative Learner Traits in our Sec 1 and Sec 2 students through the design thinking approaches. At the end of the programme, the students should demonstrate curiosity and resourcefulness in exploring ideas, innovative and a risk-taker, able to connect, synthesize, transform and seize opportunities and are effective problem solvers. To achieve these, students were involved in various in-class activities and assignments to enhance their creative thinking skills. The Sec 1 students were tasked to design and make a stationary holder and the Sec 2 students were tasked to design and make a photoholder.


Sec 2 Photoholder Projects: 



Sec 1 Stationaries Holder Projects:


dnt sec 1.jpg

Sec 1 Technology Challenge in Schools Project

The department has also handpicked a group of Sec 2 students for the talent management programme. These students were involved in the F1 Technology Challenge in Schools Project. In this project, students were to develop their creative problem solving and critical thinking skills through designing, making and racing an F1 model car. It is also to enhance their communication skills through group presentation, pitching of their designs and coming up with marketing strategies. They were exposed to industrial Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided   Manufacturing (CAM) and Virtual Reality (VR) testing software.  The highlight of this project is when students were to race the cars, which they have designed and made, with cars of students from other schools. The team were proud to clinch the Silver Award for the F1 project.





Upper Secondary D&T Programme

Upper secondary classes have the opportunity to learn  the design process as they interact with industrial designers. Exploration of ideas can be carried out with the use of models. Students are also well supported with resources that can enhance the quality of their DT projects. They learn how to incorporate mechanisms and electronics to complement their design idea. Learning journey are also arranged for our Upper Sec classes to the Red Dot Museum.



dnt5.jpgLesson on Cardboard Model Making


dnt6.jpgLearning Journey to Red Dot Museum


Learning Journey for Lower Secondary

Every year, learning journey will be organized for the lower secondary level as part of experiential learning. Students will be visiting places such as Yakult factory, Health Promotion Board or Farmart. At these places, students will learn about the manufacturing process of food product and healthy eating guidelines in daily lives.


International Friendship Day: International Finger Food Cooking Competition Season 2

The International Finger Food Cooking Competition was held in conjunction with International Friendship Day. This competition involved all the Secondary 2 and 3 classes who had to prepare one snack based on a country given. 3 teams of 4 students from each level who emerged as the top winners prepared the snacks for our VIPs and parents on sports day as refreshment.

Culinary Workshop

The Secondary 4NA F&N students attended a culinary workshop by Learning Appetite where they learned more culinary skills. In this workshop, the key ingredient was dairy product and it was incorporated into creative snacks such as pumpkin and cream cheese bread and savory bread pudding.