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About the Department

The Department of English at East Spring Secondary School is dedicated to the goal of creating effective writers, critical thinkers and articulate communicators. To that end, we provide all East Spring students with a core curriculum as well as a variety of enrichment courses that provide them with a strong foundation for a knowledge-based economy.


The primary aim of the English Department is to ensure that every student receives the best English education every year he/she attends East Spring secondary School. To accomplish this goal, the teachers in the department are dedicated to providing curricula that:

  • encourages life-long learners who will be able to effectively participate as members of the global economy.
  • promotes articulate communicators, both orally and in writing.
  • develops critical and analytical readers.
  • fosters students' self-esteem, motivation, character, and respect for cultural, religious and racial differences.
  • promotes responsibility and problem-solving skills.
  • promotes creativity and innovation.
  • provides students with a broad range of literature representing various cultures.
  • utilises technology as a key tool to support and enhance learning.


Speech and Drama - An enrichment programme for Sec 1, 2 and 3 students aimed at building our students' confidence in oral and presentation skills, using drama as a tool.

Read to Feel - to provide opportunities for students to reap the benefits of reading for pleasure, actively engage their minds & re-examine their own lives. The reading articles selected offer insights about the world & people around us, highlighting the school values of Responsibility, Integrity, Sincerity & Empathy.

International Students' Immersion Programme in EL - aims to develop our international students' proficiency in EL.

The Great Debate Adventure 2010 - In collaboration with EZ COE/EL, to raise the level of interest in debate by positioning debates as an activity that everyone can enjoy; and highlighting the practical value of debating skills (i.e. persuasion, critical thinking, rebuttals, thinking on your feet) as important communication skills for life and to provide opportunities for students to experience debating in a non-competitive environment.

Junior Broadcasters' Workshop - in collaboration with EZ COE/EL's initiative to train our students as Junior Broadcasters with Mediacorp, reporting on events for 938LIVE's weekly programme, Edutalk.

Speak Good English Movement - A 3-week programme run during curriculum time using PBL as a strategy to encourage the use of internationally acceptable English.