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Learning philosophy

We believe that students learning should be focused on developing their understanding through critical thinking and collaborative learning. Learning should be authentic that helps students to form connections and relations to community, nation and the world and makes students curious about the world around them. Through their learning, students will nurture values of empathy, appreciation of diversity, resilience, integrity.

Learning outcomes:

 In line with the school’s vision, we seek to develop critical thinkers and collaborative learners who have a sense of appreciation of the humanities and the world around us. We also seek to develop concerned global citizens who are grounded in sound values.

Key department strategies: 

Inquiry based Learning

Assessment for Learning


Concept teaching

Experiential Learning

Tapping on ICT tools 

Humanities Talent Development Programme 

Activities in 2014/2015: 

Exciting new syllabus for lower secondary History and Geography students based on historical and geography investigation

Talent Development Programme stretching higher ability students through training and participation in competitions

Fieldwork for Geography

Development of students’ critical thinking through inquiry 

Exciting, relevant and interesting Learning Journeys for Sec 1-3 students

Overseas Learning Journey to Vietnam and Malacca