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Mother Tongue Language

Department Vision

Effective Communicators, Patriotic Citizens with a Global Outlook


Mission Statement

To nurture pupils to be responsible citizens who are proud of their heritage and culture.


The MTL department envisages every student to become effective communicators and patriotic citizens with a global outlook. We hope to engage students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture so as to experience MTL as ‘living languages’. By offering a rich variety of programmes, we also hope to nurture pupils to become responsible citizens who are proud of their own culture and heritage.


The MTL department emphasizes the importance of imparting language and communication skills through the effective use of the mother tongues. To this end, the department strives to build upon our existing strengths through the development of school-based customized curricula for both the Chinese and Malay Language so as to cater to the specific needs of our students. To create an engaged and innovative learning environment, the department has tailored special programmes for our students like overseas learning journeys, conversational Chinese and Malay, Language and Cultural Day Camps etc.


Also, through the promotion of ICT as a tool for engaged learning, the department promises to engage digital natives during the course of their mother tongue education at East Spring.