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Sci dept photo.jpgVision

Critical Thinkers, Independent Learners


The Science department of East Spring Secondary School aims to develop critical thinkers and independent learners with an inquiring mind and possess scientific attitudes and skills to contribute effectively in the 21st Century.  This is our framework we adopt to achieve our vision.  


Sci Framework.pngMission

To ignite and sustain a child’s joy in learning Science and bring out the curious and explorative instincts in every child by providing an enriching science experience for all students to develop inquiring minds through discovery, exploration, information-communication technologies and collaboration.


Our approach


1.       Learning is anchored on the inquiry-based framework, incorporating POE (Predict, Observe, Explain) strategies and 5 E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Evaluate, Elaborate) Model to develop reasoning, critical reflection and analytical skills in alignment to C2015.

2.       Development of beyond the textbook curriculum that excites students through authentic and experiential learning, relate learning to real-life applications or daily life and connect learners to subject.

3.       Building a team of nurturing teachers who are the leader of inquiry in the science classroom, competent in engaging and creating a learning environment that encourages and challenges students to develop their sense of inquiry.


Our programmes





Sec 1E/NA

Active Learning to Mangrove


Learn about the mangrove ecosystem and its physical conditions and the importance of conserving  our natural environment 

Sec 1NT



Expose to real life application of material science (topic learnt: material properties) and how it impacts the characteristics/properties of the objects it constructs.


Sec 1 E/NA/NT

Science Fun Day

(In-House workshop)


To expose students to the application of scientific concepts learnt in real-life situations or everyday life.

Sec 2 E/NA


DNA in Forensics Science

Learn about DNA and blood analysis and the use of DNA profiling in forensics investigation.


Sec 2NT


Kitchen Chemistry


Learn about the 3 main nutrient groups (topic learnt: nutrients in food) and why we need them.


Sec 3



PET Rocket


Apply the concepts of Newton’s Laws of Motion and Kinematics through the construction and launching of a rocket.  


Sec 3 Chemistry


Pharmaceutical Chemistry

(In-House workshop)


Exposed to the widely consumed over-the-counter medications, antacids, which relief heartburn and stomach indigestion. Discover its chemical properties and reactions in the human body.


The Science department is also driving the school’s Applied Learning Programme on ‘Harnessing Energy for Real Life Applications – to Live, Work and Play’.Science Fun Day.jpgPET rocket.jpg