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Parents' Learning Festival

To Register, pls use the following link
Sec 1 Registration  https://tinyurl.com/y92jzlj9  
Sec 2 to 5 Registtration https://tinyurl.com/ya832sht


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Join Parent Suppor Group at East Spring Secondary 2019

A warm welcome to all Sec 1 Parents and parents from the former EVSS. 

We would like to invite all parents to join the PSG.  Please use this link to register yourself and we will contact you as soon as possible:

Click here to sign up!

or scan the QR code: 


Upcoming events:

4 February – Chinese New Year Celebration

We need parent-volunteers to host our elderly guests. Please contact Miss Tay Mui Hoang, School PSG Liaison Officer at psgesss @gmail.com or call at 97773610 to register as a volunteer. 

16 February – Parents’ Learning Festival

This is an event organised for Sec 1 to 5 parents.  There will be two talks:

1)      Ready for Secondary School (Sec 1 parents)

2)      Connecting & Communicating with My (Sec 2 to 5 parents)

* Letter of invitation will be sent to parents through their children.