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East Spring Secondary School CCA Programme


Enrich, Energize, Enlighten


1. To provide students with a holistic education outside of their classrooms with students of different levels and streams

2. To provide a platform for students to discover their interests and talents, develop them in those areas and where possible, achieve excellence in their respective niches

3. To imbue students with essential values, social emotional competencies and emerging 21st century competencies in a safe yet dynamic environment

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum

Comprehensive and thoughtfully crafted Student Development Plans (SDP) catered for specific CCA objectives

Meaningful conduct of CCA sessions which emphasizes on the education of values and essential competencies through the CCA S.H.A.R.E. Routine

Inter-CCA Competitions (e.g. Cross Country, Sports Day, various sports, etc.)

Core Leadership Programme where CCA leaders go through a rigorous training programme designed by the Community Youth Leadership Committee.

Key Events / Activities

Sports and Games:

Floorball (Boys) & Floorball (Girls)
Basketball (Boys)
Netball (Girls)

Performing Arts:

Symphonic Band
Chinese Dance
Malay Dance

Uniformed Groups:

National Cadet Corps (NCC Land) - (Boys)
National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) 
National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) 
St. John's Brigade (SJB) 

Clubs and Societies:

Journalism Club
Art Club
Green Club
AVA Club