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Art Club

About the CCA 

Teachers-in-charge: Miss Tham Qi Ying  (Overall-in-charge), Mdm Goh Yu Jie (Teacher)

Students-in-charge: Lim Yun Zi (President), Ng Xing Wei, Delvin (Vice-President), Celeste Tan (Administration)

Our CCA Schdule: Every Wednesday, 3pm - 6pm

Our CCA (write-up): 

Art Club creates a platform for students who are passionate in art making and the appreciation of fine arts. Students get to explore various art mediums and approaches to art making, thus, broadening their knowledge and skills for the arts.Art Club aims to allow students to be exposed to local art scenes and exhibitions to ignite their creativity. In 2016, students have visited various exhibitions and participated in workshops conducted:Februray: Singapore Biennale at Singapore Art Museum (SAM)April: Wheel Throwing and Pottery at Thow Kwang Dragon KilnJuly: David Hockney Exhibition and Tote bag Screenprint Workshop at Singapore Tylor Prints Institution (STPI)July: Watercolour workshop by Artist at school.Art Club also provides students opportunities for students to showcase their artworks through school exhibition, showcases, VIA Projects, School Events/Concerts and external competitions. This helps to identity talents and build up students’ confidence in creative processes and expanding the school’s artistic vibrancy and culture.

Our Achievements: 

2016 - Pasir Ris RC Senior Corner Mural by Secondary 3 students for VIA Project

2017 - Watercolour workshop with Faithacts by Secondary 3 students for VIA Project

2017 - Teacher’s Day Canvas Tote bag and watercolour Postcard Designs


Art Club 2018_1.png

Art Club 2018_2.png