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About the CCA

AVA Club @ ESSS 

Teachers-in-charge: Mr Tan Yim Siong and Mr Chiah You Sheng 

Main objective of AVA Club

AVA Club takes care of all matters relating to provision of audio and visual support in East Spring Secondary School. For example, our day-to-day operations include maintaining the sound system for flag-raising and recess assembly, In addition, we also ensure the smooth running of school events in the school hall such as Racial Harmony Day and National Day. Beyond school-wide support, AVA club also supports other CCAs and school committees through providing updated and functioning AVA equipment for their various programmes.  Learning and Development of AVA StudentsTo support the learning of 21st century skills such as IT and data analytics, we train our AVA students in robotics and photography workshops and participate in competitions such as the National Robotics Competition. For a select-few students with both interest and skills with data visualisation, we also participate in competitions such as the IMDA-Tableau Community Driven Data Stories competition.  


In 2017, a team of 3 from East Spring Secondary School's AVA Club was shortlisted (only Top 5 schools in Singapore) into the finals for the IMDA-Tableau Community Driven Data Stories competition. 

The link to our winning entry: 



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