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Chinese Dance

About the CCA 

CCA Name: Chinese Dance

Teachers-in-charge: Mrs Eileen Lau (Overall in charge), Ms Jessica Ser, Ms Loo Huang Yi

Students-in-charge: Wan Yu Ting (President), Kylie Tiew Hui Lan (Vice-President), Leu Zi Ying (Logistics Head), Kuek Yu Fang (Logistics Vice-Head), Lee Yen (Welfare Head), Koh Rose Xuan (Welfare Vice-Head), Chantal Poh Cheng Hoon (Costume Head), Delissa Tan Yi Lin (Costume Vice-Head), Tan Xin Yi Blondie (Make up Head), Miko Goh Zhi Wei (Make up Vice-Head), Tessa Choo & Chay Jia Wei (Sec 1 Level Head), Naw Melody & Iris Tan Hui Xuan (Sec 2 Level Head)

Our CCA Schdule: Every Wednesday (3pm to 5.30pm) and Friday (1.15pm to 3.45pm)

Our CCA (write-up): Chinese Dance in ESSS believes in nurturing and developing each student to their fullest potential and provides every possible opportunity for the Chinese dancers to showcase their talent. Under the professional guidance of our instructor, the dancers have benefited from learning different dancing styles and always giving their best to excel. As a result, students learn culture of excellence in terms of flexibility, poise and heightened sense aesthetics in dance movement. From preparing for the various dance performances, our students learnt the importance of teamwork and commitment. With the active participation and good team spirit among the dancers, our CCA has always achieved 100% attendance rate and all graduating dancers achieved an EXCELLENT for their CCA grade. Dancers who showed leadership potential were given the opportunity to attend leadership training camp at National level. Through the many performances in and out of school, the dancers had gained valuable exposure which helped them to build up their confidence and self-esteem.  

Activities for 2017- Secondary One Orientation and CCA Open House- Chinese New Year Celebration- National Day Dinner Celebrations - Teachers’ Day Concert- INC International Friendship Day- Overseas Learning Journey to China, Hang Zhou

Our Achievements: SYF Arts Presentation 2017 – Certificate of Distinction


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