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About the CCA

CCA Name: DRAMA Club 

Teachers-in-charge: Ms Tan Shu Ting, Mr Sui Lei, Mrs Eunice Tan (Overall-in-charge)

Advisor: Mr Muhammad Zulhilmi Bin Awaruddin

Students-in-charge: President: Shirleen Lee Ruo Xuan (3-1)

Vice-President: Tan Xin Wei (3-2)

Liaison Heads: Lee Shih Hui (3-2), Tara Bte Effendy (3-3), Ng Kai Lin (3-4)

Coach’s Assistants: Loo Rui Kai (3-2), Rytasha Passion Raj (3-5)

Publicity Heads: Neha Reju (3-1), Ho Kai Ting (3-5)

VIA Head: Tong Jess Ning (3-1)

Our CCA Schdule: Every Wednesday, 3 – 6 pm

Our CCA (write-up):     

Drama is a 40-strong CCA helmed by a team of talented and responsible student leaders.  We strongly believe that drama students can be holistically developed through various platforms and activities to become articulate and expressive speakers of the English Language, creative and innovative story weavers, as well as confident and nurturing student leaders. Hence, we take immense pride in providing our students with a variety of performance platforms, leadership positions and timely coaching and feedback to help develop them holistically.


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