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About the CCA 

Teachers-in-charge: Ms Hao Deyi (Overall-in-charge), Mrs Ho Jesslyn, Ms Zakiah, Mr Aeria Terence

Toh Xiao Rui Zenn(B Girls Captain),
Lim Jek Wei(B Boys Captain),
Chua Rui-en(B Girls Vice-Captain),
Zhao WenZhuo(B Boys Vice-Captain),
Tan Shu Fen(C Girls Captain),
Ryan Loh Xing Yu(C Boys Captain),
Wong Jing Ru Jeannie(C Girls Vice-Captain),
Ng Jo-Wayne(C Boys Vice-Captain)

Our CCA Schdule: 

Every Tuesday 1430 hrs to 1730 hrs (C Division)

Every Wednesday 1500 hrs to 1800hrs (Whole Team)

Every Thursday 1500 hrs to 1800hrs(B Division)

Our CCA (write-up): 

The East Spring badminton team’s vision is to inculcate in students the proper skills & techniques and essential values like resilience, responsibility, and synergy through training and tournaments.We would like to develop student athletes physically, mentally and socially. The team believes that every member has the potential to achieve excellence and success. Much emphasis is placed on developing our student athletes in the areas of discipline, mental strength, skills, physical fitness, leadership, teamwork and sporting values. Each player is taught to recognise their potential and is encouraged to stretch beyond their comfort zone to bring out the best. The team trains twice a week and put in extra effort and time to prepare themselves for tournaments.Badminton has been actively participating in many competitions, such as the annual East Zone Inter-School Badminton Championships, the ALPHA badminton Championships and many other friendly matches against opponents from other schools. These competitions not only allow our players to put what they have learnt into practice, but also give us an opportunity to learn from our opponents, allowing us to improve our skills as well as our strategies.

Our Achievements: 

2017 East Zone tournament: C girls- 4th position B girls-4th position C boys- 4th position B boys- 5th position  ALPHA age group Badminton championship 2017 in June: Alvis Tim (2-4) and Jo-wayne (1-2) went to 2nd round.

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