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CCA Name: Floorball Girls 

 Teachers-in-charge: Miss Nurul Ashiqin Saneb (Overall-in-charge), Miss Nadhirah Abdul Rahman, Ms Lu Suxin           

 Students-in-charge: Nur Insyirah Azmi (School Captain), Lek Yan Qing (Vice-captain), Nur Syahirah Ismail (Vice-captain), Nur Shahidah Ahmad Shahrum (Administrative Manager), Richelle Sim (Logistics Manager), Siti Nur Asyurah Mohd Sari (Publicity/Welfare Manager) 

 Our CCA Schedule: 

Every Mondays (3-6pm), Wednesdays (3-6pm) and Fridays (2.30-5.30pm) 

 Our CCA (write-up): 

‘Where Passion meets Excellence’. Floorball Girls aim to build a culture of excellence in our endeavour to better ourselves collectively as a CCA and as individuals. Although Floorball is our first and foremost passion, that is not our only identity. We belong to a larger family in East Spring where we strive to serve the school selflessly and uphold the school values of R3I2SE. 

Our Achievements: 

 7th Floorball National Championships 2013 

C Division Girls – 4th Place 

 8th Floorball National Championships 2014 

C Division Girls – 3rd Place 

 9th Floorball National Championships 2015 

B Division Girls – Champions 

 11th Floorball National Championships 2017 

B Division Girls – 3rd Place 


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