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About the CCA 

CCA Name: 

Oneida Scouts 


Mr Goh Wei Xuan 
Mr Basheer Khan 
Mr Tan Hao Kiat 
Mr Kwan Jian Ming Ms Lim Yin Xia

Our CCA Schedule: 

Every Wednesday (3.45pm to 6.15pm)

Our CCA: 

The East Spring Oneida Scout Troop was formed in 2001. Since its inception, Oneida Scouts has become a mainstay in the school’s educational programmes, developing our Scouts holistically through a selection of outdoor and team activities. Oneida Scouts is part of a worldwide movement of young people consisting of more than 40 million members. Through a comprehensive programme, Scouting aims to offer opportunities for young people to develop and nurture values, confidence and character. 

Our weekly CCA programme is based on the Patrol system – a platform where teams of young people, consisting of Secondary 1 to 3 students, plan and execute their own variety of activities to promote an exciting and enjoyable Scouting experience. These Patrols also regularly work together on Unit level activities, such as annual camps, hikes, Pioneering and Backwoodsman cooking. This combination of activities aims to help Scouts learn and live values through working with peers of different backgrounds and engage in cross-cultural experiences to experience Group Life in an outdoor learning experience.

The Scouts also have programmes at the national level, where Scouts meet Scouts from other schools and collaborate on activities, from traditional scoutcraft to sporting activities. This can manifest in annual Leadership courses, the bi-annual National Patrol Camp, to the highly popular National Jamboree where they have a chance to meet Scouts from other countries.

“An individual step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual.” Baden-Powell, Founder of Scouting

The Patrol system is designed to offer opportunities for character training by allowing as many chances for responsibility suited for the young person. At the Unit Level, a Scout can look forward to taking charge of smaller duties at the Patrol level such as a Patrol Quartermaster to taking on more formal roles such as:

a) Assistant Patrol Leader: one who assists the Patrol Leader to run the weekly programmes and other areas, such as logistics, planning and discipline of the Patrol

b) Patrol Leader: one who works with other Patrol Leaders to plan and execute the weekly programmes under the guidance of the teachers and adult volunteers. They are also seen to be the role model of the Patrol and act with the role of the eldest sibling in the family.

c) Senior Patrol Leader: one who represents the council of Patrol Leaders and works directly with the teachers and adult volunteers for better communication and coordination of the Scout Troop.

Our Achievements: 

Frank Cooper Sands Award (Bronze) – 2019

Frank Cooper Sands Award (Bronze) – 2018