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Cyber Wellness

The main objective of our Cyber Wellness (CW) Committee is to equip students with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users of Information Communications Technology (ICT). We also wish to create a healthy cyber identity and positive cyber citizenship among East Springians. The teaching of Cyber Wellness is crucial to guide our students to embrace ICT and yet maintain a balanced lifestyle between the physical and cyber world.

To achieve the desirable outcomes mentioned, the team has planned various activities to ensure a holistic approach in spreading Cyber Wellness efforts across the school. Listed below are the activities planned for 2019.


1. Cyber Wellness Activities

·       Explicit teaching of Cyber Wellness Guidance Modules throughout the year during SFL periods

·       Sharing by Cyber Wellness Ambassadors during Power of Positive Thinking (PPE) sessions

·       Sharing of slides on CW messages with the students

·       Cyber Wellness Week (Customised CCE Lesson for RISE periods and booths set up during recess)


2. Appointment of Cyber Wellness Ambassadors

To empower our students to lead in Cyber Wellness efforts, all classes are represented by 1 Cyber Wellness Ambassador. The CW Ambassador will advocate CW efforts planned for the school as well as participate in external CW events.


3. Resources for Parents and Students

Ministry of Education has recently launched a Facebook page as well as a Youtube Channel to share useful resources on Cyber Wellness. The resources are available for both educators and parents. The ICT Connection page is also another resourceful website that provides a list of guides and tips, resources and useful links to help parents reinforce Cyber Wellness education at home. The links are as follows:

ETD-to-go Facebook Page : http://bit.ly/etdtogofacebook
ETD-to-go Youtube Channel : 
ICT Connection : 


We hope that the information provided gives an overview of the school’s plan in advocating Cyber Wellness in East Spring Secondary School.

For any enquires, you can contact our Cyber Wellness Coordinators, Mdm Nurul Farhana, Mr Tan Hao Kiat or Mr Edwin Li at 65873805.