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Work Experience Programme (WEP)

Work Experience Programme (WEP) provides a structured experience in which students familiarise themselves with a variety of actual work situations through attachment to a workplace. Students learn about the world of work through direct participation and observation. It is an educational strategy to assist students to make informed decisions in their transition from school to work. It provides career exposures for our students as they actively discover their interests and aspirations. WEP is planned program actively undertaken by the school in partnership between the school and the various Industrial Partner.

        The aims of the WEP is to enhance students’ awareness of themselves and the world of work. It instills appropriate work attitudes and values such as punctuality, tidiness, teamwork, initiative, thoroughness and perseverance. In addition, it creates students’ awareness of the relationship between their career interests and their strengths/abilities.

        Since 2015, a total of 330 students have opted to participate in this programme. They have to go through interviews as part of the selection process to determine their genuine interest to participate actively during the attachment to the organisations/companies which they have opted for.

        Partnered organisations were Temasek Polytechnic, Temasek Culinary Academy, National Arts Council, Singapore Press Holdings, Beyond Social Service, ProAge, Koh Management, Mahmood Gaznavi & Partners, Mr Bean, Microsoft Operations Pte Ltd, Grow & Glow Childcare Centre, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Henderson) and Mandarin Oriental.

































At Temasek Culinary Academy


At National Arts Council, students get to participate and observe how major event such as the Singapore Writers’ Festival were organised.


At ProAge, students were involved in a project on how to encourage youth to understand and better communicate with the elderly, e.g. grandparents.