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We shape minds, ignite passion, nurture creativity.


To develop a community of learners creating possibilities.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum

Using Authentic Learning Model at Upper secondary curriculum where students learn to explore, and construct meaningful concepts in collaboration with various community partners. 
Leveraging on ICT (e.g. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Google Sketchup, Mixcraft DAW) when carrying out T&L in the different domains. 
Adopting pedagogies such as design thinking, cooperative learning, problem based learning, self-directed learning, Socratic questioning and discovery learning in varying degrees when approaching different components of the curriculum. 

Key Events / Activities

Learning Journey for students ( D&Tand FCE -Lower Sec) (Art and Music - Upper Sec). 
Coursework immersion experience for Sec 2 students during end-of-year post exam programme
Participation at COE schools, cluster and zonal programmes
Collaboration with external partners