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The department aims to inculcate a strong sense of appreciation for the Humanities in a technologically-driven world through effective teaching and learning strategies and equipping our pupils with the skills to become independent learners and practical problem solvers.

Our students will be able to possess a good grasp of content knowledge in the Humanities subjects and acquire and develop thinking skills of explaining, analysing, evaluating and making judgements on issues.

Through participating in Humanities Learning Journeys, students develop a greater understanding and appreciation of their surroundings and history. As such, they possess confidence in the future of Singapore and develop into good, useful citizens.


To help our pupils develop a passion for the Humanities and to enable our pupils to attain quality academic grades.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum

Secondary 1
Generating greater appreciation and interest in the study of humanities
Cooperative Learning Strategies
Project Work
Alternative assessment

Secondary 2
Developing greater skill competencies content knowledge
History : Source-Based Case Study & Structured Essay Questions
Geography: Mapwork and Basic Techniques
Instill NE values in the subject

Secondary 3
Mastery of Content
Acquisition of Exam Skills: language skills, thinking skills

Secondary 4 & 5
Mastery of Content
Application of Exam Skills through regular milestones exercises

Key Events / Activities

Secondary 1
Geography Fieldtrip

Secondary 2
Battlefield Tours and Geography Fieldtrips

Secondary 3
Prepare for ‘O’ Level Examination
Humanities Projects and Workshops
Competitions and Enrichment

Secondary 4 & 5
Prepare for ‘O’ Level Examination
Coaching Programmes
Small Group Consultation

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