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To develop in East Springians critical thinking skills and a greater awareness of the world, past and present


We want our students to stay rooted as they think global in the future.

Especially in this day and age, we also want to take guidance from Professor Tommy Koh who said - "We want our humanists to understand technology and our technologists to understand the humanities.

An education in the humanities train us to think, write and speak clearly. 

As long as we are human beings, the humanities will always be at the heart of civilisation."

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum

Our key pedagogy is Inquiry-based Learning, and we carry out Geographical Investigations, Historical Investigations and Issue Investigations in the learning of Geography, History and Social Studies.

We strive to incorporate more discussion-based learning as well as self-directed, self-paced learning in our lessons.

We develop a four-year plan to help cultivate thinking skills in East Springians.

Key Events / Activities

Geographical Investigations
Historical Investigations
Issues Investigations
NUS Geography Challenge
Mock United Nations Conferences