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The department aims to make the learning of Mathematics fun and applicable to real life as well as cultivate responsible and self-directed learners.


To build a firm foundation for Mathematics at lower secondary levels to complement the upper secondary levels through
(i)     instructional programmes that are aimed at consolidation of their concepts and addressing misconceptions with a variety of assessment modes to provide feedback on students’ learning
(ii)    generating students' excitement for Math through experiential learning and/or real life performance based tasks,
(iii)   explicit teaching and training of Self-Directed learning skills in Math to equip students for the 21st Century Skills and Competencies.

To enable upper secondary school students to meet their aspirations in life by entering the tertiary educational courses of choice through a strong foundation of Mathematical excellence in the National Examinations.

To develop teachers who can innovate and grow professionally through training, sharing and mutual collaboration through inter-level coordinator-ship and dialogue sessions.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum

Secondary 1 : Foundation Building 
Secondary 2 : Exploration and Discovery 
Secondary 3 : Discovery and Preparation 
Secondary 4 : Intensive Preparation and Consolidation

This programme aims to equip teachers with knowledge, skills and resources so that they can provide better support to students in learning mathematics. The programme also targets to tackle the following challenges encountered by students
1) Learning gaps
2) Weak command of the language
3) Low motivation
4) Poor memory retention

Students who require more assistance, especially from the NA/NT stream, are banded according to their abilities. This strategy offers more guidance to the lower progress learners and stretches and maximises everyone to achieve their best.

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