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In line with MOE’s revised Science Curriculum Framework, the vision of the department is that every student can be inquirer, supported by every teacher and partner as the facilitator of the inquiry process.Science_Curriculum_Framework.png


At East Spring, the Science Department believes that every student can learn, and that learning Science is best through a multi-modal approach. Therefore, our Science Curriculum is specially designed to provide opportunities for our students throughout their four to five years of secondary education to learn about the fast changing world around them through the use of inquiry based pedagogical approach such as the 5E instructional model as well as scientific method that involves hypothesis testing, observation, analysis of data and conclusion. 
5E_Model 2020.pngOur passionate Science teachers are not only keen to share with our students their passion for learning of Science but also seek to empower our students with relevant skills and tools to know, understand and appreciate the role of Science in their daily life, society and environment.

Innovative Programmes / Curriculum

Through our continual efforts in promoting curriculum innovation, we aim to promote authentic and experiential learning in Science and Technology within and beyond the confines of the classroom. Through this two-tier programme, every student will:

  1. Develop a scientific literate mind, being equipped with the sufficient knowledge and skills and have the relevant values, ethnics and attitudes to make informed decisions and take responsible actions in their lives.
  2. Be equipped with strong Science fundamentals to innovate and pursue STEM for future learning and work.

Key Events / Activities

Tier 1 Programme to promote exposure & enrichment 
  • Field trips  
  • Learning journeys 
  • In-house workshops (STEM Week)
  • External workshops (Science Centre, Institutes of Higher Education, Industrial Partners)
Tier 2 Programme to promote excellence
  • National competitions (local and oversea) 
  • Oversea Learning Trip