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School Rules and Regulations

Hand phone Policy in School 

The school allows students to bring hand phones to school. However, they will not be allowed to use or display the hand phones during school hours and during school activities such as CCA, field trips and learning journeys.
The hand phone rules apply to all students who choose to bring their hand phones to school.
 All hand phones must be switched off.
 Students are not to display their hand phones while in school or during school activities outside of school.
 If students need to contact their parents while in school, they are to call within the designated area in the foyer after school hours.
 If students need to contact their parents during a school activity out of school, they must acquire the teacher’s permission.

It is also the responsibility of students to exercise proper care of their hand phones to prevent loss, damage and theft. The school may not investigate the theft of hand phones. Students must be responsible enough and should not
 leave their hand phones unattended.
 leave the hand phones in open view, for instance, in the toilet, classroom and canteen.
 bring expensive hand phones to school. This may create temptation for theft, and it is a costly lesson if the hand phone is lost or damaged.
 bring hand phones that cannot fit into the uniform skirt/pants pockets for the purpose of easy safe keeping.
If the students choose to bring their hand phones to school, then the responsibility is on the students to take care of their property. The school cannot suspend lessons to look for the missing hand phones. This will create unnecessary loss of valuable curriculum time.

School Policy on Smoking

Students caught smoking within and outside the school premises are liable to be caned in school. Those caught with lighters, cigarettes, tobacco etc are also subject to the same punishment. In the case of female smokers, they would be suspended from school in lieu of caning. The names of all those caught smoking would also be sent to the HSA for further action.
Students found in the company of smokers would also be punished despite the fact that they were not smoking 

Policy on Late-coming

All students are to be seated according to their classes by 0730. Students who report to school after the 0730 school bell are considered late. Students late on the 3th occasion must attend detention class after school, failing which the student will do CWO for the first two periods the next day.